Contemporary two story stone beach house

My first thought that crossed my mind was that I want my parents to build this kind of house for me, too. Beach House CN was designed  by Lima-based practice Longhi Architects, and it is located in Misterio Beach, 72 miles ,south of Lima, Peru. This house is composed of three volumes separated by open space that allows fresh air and natural light to cross into the three private spaces. It is very uncommon that the owners wanted a private space for each member of the family, children having their own  space on the roof to spend with their friends, and  not to disturb the other members of the family.

This summer house of Carlos and Neni has a spectacular view towards the ocean, and if you want more than that, you can enjoy the beautiful view by relaxing on the terrace looking at the large, infinite pool. Taking into account that Lima’s temperature is high, the owners preferred an open kitchen, really useful if you have guests at your house, having fun near the pool, and you want to prepare something to eat for them, because you don’t have to miss all the fun.

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I was very impressed by the building materials, because the architect preferred  stone, concrete, marble, to match with the rock around  the house. These cold materials are heated by wood, which was perfectly combined with them,  by the joyful colors on the walls, and by the glass which allows sun to enter inside to enlighten the volumes  so subtle and elegant furnished.{found on homedsgn}.



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