Contemporary Two-Level Private House by Weinstein Vaadia Architects

This lovely two-level family residence is located in Sharon Area, Israel. It covers a total surface of 300 square meters and it was a project by Weinstein Vaadia Architects. The construction of the house was completed in 2007. The requirements coming from the clients were very clear. They had to build a private house with two levels and with separate gardens for each level. The house also needed to have a very clearly distinguished internal structure.

One of the levels would be used by the parents while the other belongs to the children. This way they won’t interfere in each other’s lives more than it’s necessary and they will all have a sense of privacy. The children occupy the lower level and the parents use the upper level that also provides views to the nearby sea. The house is separate from the street by a grassy slope that hides almost entirely the residence from the unwanted views.

The parent’s level includes a loft space divided into living, kitchen, sleeping and dining areas. There are no separating walls and the different spaces are divided by furniture. The upper level that belongs to the parents also provides shade for the children’s level. Each level has a private garden and they are connected by the slope of grass that surrounds the house.{found on archdaily and pics by Amit Geron}

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