Contemporary summerhouse in Norway with diverse views of the landscape

Summerhouses in general are built in more secluded areas where their inhabitants can have privacy and where they can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful views surrounding the area. A typical example for this is this lovely summerhouse from Tjoeme, Norway.The house was designed and built by Marianne Borge + Kjetil Saeterdaland the project was completed in 2008.

The design hosen for the house is contemporary. The building is L-shaped and was positioned in such a way that all the rooms would offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The exterior of the house is clad with wood panels and the frames of the doors and windows are black. This way a strong but elegant contrast is created. Moreover, the choice of materials and color was also based on the fact that the clients wanted the house to naturally integrate into the surroundings.

The L-shape of the building was not simply based on looks and visual appeal. It was a decision based on the fact that this particular area is windy and some of the areas needed protection. The angled portion of the house provides protection from the wind for the pool and also partially hides it from view. A calm and semi-open space was also created. The indoor-outdoor connection is very strong and the transition is smooth and seamless.{found on archdaily and pics by Ivan Brodey}.

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