Contemporary stone residence in José Ignacio

This beautiful structure is the Buenos Mares Villa. It’s a contemporary residence located in José Ignacio, a small village on the southern coast of Uruguay. The house was designed by Buenos Aires-based studio RDR Arquitectos, part of Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés. The project was completed in 2009. The house is a two-story structure with a contemporary design.

This type of design is not the usual contemporary style. It has some of the standard features for this type of design but it’s also unique and different from the majority of similar structures. The originality stands in the stonework. This is a detail usually found in traditional or historic buildings. In this case the stonework is a detail designed with a contemporary twist. The image created is deceptive and the surprise is even greater.

The interior of the residence is modern and very simple. The decor is minimalist and the colors are neutral. This monolithic structure is not only impressive on the outside but also very beautiful on the inside. The decor is simple but tasteful and the the views from the living area and wonderful. The residence matches the surroundings and integrated naturally and beautifully into the landscape. It’s a lovely example of original contemporary designs. It’s not only attractive from a visual point of view but also very inviting and stylish.

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