Contemporary small beach house in Peru

This house is a wonderful example of contemporary architecture. It has a minimalist design and it covers an area of 238 square meters. The house is located in Las Arenas, Lima, Peru and it was a project by Javier Artadi. The owners requested a small house sitting on the beach. They wanted this to be their modern retreat and they also wanted it to be different and unique.

The architect took the conventional beach house to another level. This house was designed as a white box. It’s a container for all the internal volumes that have been created and that include the living room, dining room, terrace and pool. The box has been strategically perforated in order to allow sunlight to get in but also to create a selective visual approach. This way the house offers views of the sky, the sea and all the other elements in the landscape.

The house has been suspended above the ground level. It appears to be floating and it offers a unique experience to its users. As for the interior, it’s as modern and interesting as the exterior. It includes a combination of conventional and unconventional furniture pieces, especially designed for this project. The main volume of the house is surrounded by the sleeping and service areas. The whole structure is very efficiently and functionally divided.{found on archdaily and pics by Alexander Kornhuber}.

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