Contemporary Single-Family Residence On Lake Austin

Lakefront properties are also beautiful simply because of their location. The landscape here is very nicely balanced. The water features are ever missing and they add charm to the whole design. In the case of this property, the landscape and everything else the site had to offer was used in a modern and creative way.

This single-family lakefront residence can be found in Austin, Texas and it was designed and built by Audino Construction. The design of the house as seen from the outside is quite simple and traditional. The large windows and the glass insertions definitely give it a modern look while the wood gives it a little bit of rustic charm. The house is practically surrounded by trees and water so it was important for the windows to be large in order to let sunlight get inside.

The house is partially built onto the lake so when you’re sitting on the patio you get the feeling that you’re floating on water. The outdoor area is decorated with modern sculptures that impress with their eye-catching designs and concepts.

The interior is modern, open and inviting, with colors inspired by the landscape surrounding the property and featuring a selection of natural materials and textures. The balance and all the rooms feel warm, a feeling given by all sorts of different features and elements.

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