Contemporary Sentosa Residence in Singapore

This beautiful resort house is located in Singapore, Singapore and it’s a very beautiful and modern retreat for the owners. They wanted to have a getaway place where they can be in touch with nature, where they can admire the beautiful surroundings and feel free to explore. As a result they got this house that corresponds perfectly to what they had envisioned.

The Sentosa House is located in an area surrounded by natural environment, from where you see and admire the trees and the water. It’s a great place for relaxation and meditation. The whole house looks calm and open, inviting and tranquil. This effect is achieved by adopting an open design and friendly materials and color.

The rooms of the house are interconnected but they are not clearly delimitated by thick walls. Instead there are glass sliding doors that manage to give the user a feeling of safety but that also creates overall open design.

The house features a foyer with a reflection pool, a study, a pool deck connected to the living area, a dining area and an extensive swimming pool. There’s also a central family hall that acts as a sort of modern art gallery. At the back of the family room there are also two bedrooms for the owner’s daughters. The basement floor is an entertainment area, featuring home theatre, a gym and some storage space.{found on architezer}

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