Contemporary residence with views over the national park

I’ve always said that if I would have to leave my country and move somewhere else, I would go to Australia. For me, this is the land of all possibilities, a place with culture and wise people. Here, people built their houses according to their needs and preferences, they don’t follow a certain style imposed by the others. In the Mosman neighborhood of Sydney, Australia, Fox Johnston Architects designed the Muston Street House for a family who prefers to satisfy their senses and enjoy what nature has to offer.

For that, they chose to have a simple but useful house built with solid and durable materials such as bluestone, Anthra-Zinc, glass and wood. Although it is located in a crowded neighborhood, the construction managed to offer privacy for their inhabitants because all the rooms are located towards the back yard, where a high fence surrounds the property. The living area is on the first floor, a space with plenty of light where we can find the living room, kitchen and dining room in the same place.

The wooden floors combined with white walls, black steel and glass create an interesting contrast with all the white pieces of furniture but also with the exterior green views in the background. Outside, the back yard is small, but very beautiful and elegant. A thick lawn separates the entertaining area where we can see a wooden terrace and a pool near the house from the area with plants and flowers emphasized by lots of lighting objects.{pictures by Brett Boardman}.

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