Contemporary residence located in Stockholm

Villa Plus is a beautiful contemporary residence located in Stockholm, Sweden. It was built in 2008, on a seaside plot with wonderful ocean views. It was a project by Jonas Waldemarson, Paulina Berglund and Hanna Kucera Wengelin from Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter. The location is wonderful and the views are indeed spectacular.Unlike mountain houses that are relatively easy to integrate into the landscape and to make them part of the surroundings, with beach houses it’s a little more difficult and even impossible.

In this case, the architects didn’t even intend to make the residence blend in. As a result, there’s a strong contrast between the residence and the surroundings. The actual building is located at a lower level and closer to the sea than usual. This raised some challenges for the architects but it also meant that the views were more spectacular than ever.

The large windows let the inhabitants admire the sun and its reflection on the water, the Baltic Sea, the shore and the beautiful landscape. Because it’s so close to the shore, the residence had to be built on a system of columns. This protects it but it also allows water to simply pass under the house. It’s a unique feeling to live in a huge ship in the shape of a house. The residence offers privacy and a calm environment, far from the city and close to the sea. It offers all the comfort of a permanent residence but with the benefit of amazing views and a calm atmosphere.{found on archdaily}.

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