Contemporary Residence in Uruguay by Martin Gomez Arquitectos

Siete Mares is a beautiful, contemporary residence located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It was a project by Martin Gomez Arquitectos and it was conceived as a relaxing getaway destination for its owners. It’s a contemporary house near the Atlantic Ocean, hidden in a eucalyptus forest. It’s very close to the town of Jose Ignacio.The plot on which the house is located presented multiple challenges during the design and construction process.

Because the site is situated right next to a very frequented route, offering its owners the level of privacy and seclusion they wanted was a little more difficult than usual. The architects used big concrete walls, as large as the construction code allowed them. The house is attached to this huge wall. It’s a sort of main structure that allowed the architects to adapt the design of the house to the surrounding landscape without having to worry about the area beyond the wall.

The main areas of the house were placed on the first floor where they can capture the amazing views of the ocean and the surrounding area. Internally, the house is organized very similarly to a hotel. It has three independent suites. Then it also contains a living and dining area with a semi-integrated kitchen, a social restroom and a series of beautiful decks and outdoor terraces. The pool is also situated on the first floor.

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