Contemporary residence in Seattle with 180 degree views of the lakes and mountains

When choosing the location for a residence one of the most important elements to take into consideration is the views. They often represent a motive strong enough to overlook some of the challenges presented by the site. The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle instantly won over the owners of this residence with its views.The residence was designed by Balance Associates Architects and it’s situated on a ridge.

The greatest advantage of the location is the fact that the residence features 180 degree views of the beautiful lakes and mountains. In order to take full advantage of them, the architects came up with a smart design. The form and design of the house was well thought and cantilevers off its concrete base on three sides. This way it stays within the footprint of the previous structure while also providing ample internal space and panoramic views.

A major challenge in this project was finding a way to provide privacy from the neighbors while also taking advantage of the views. For that, a strategy was created. The central section of the house is a translucent structure that filters daylight and from where the views are most beautiful. It’s a main circulation space that it contains a translucent stair and a bridge. But the residence is not only smartly designed and beautiful. It’s also sustainable. It features a rain water circulation system, solar panels, solar shading and great insulation. Moreover, the architects used environmentally friendly materials for this project.

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