Contemporary Panorama House Featuring A Multifunctional Staircase

Designing a family home that would make everyone happy is not an easy task. Still, you can find many wonderful such structures that seem just perfect. One of them is this residence from Chungbuk, Korea, the house was designed and built by Moon Hoon. It was completed in 2011 and it covers an area of 57,050 square meters.

The house was designed for a family with 4 children. Both parents are teachers so they wanted to offer their kids the perfect environment where they could play and study. They also wanted to give them privacy and freedom. As a result, they requested a house that would have lower floors for the kids and upper floors for the parents. They also wanted the house to have a playful and creative look.

The site posed some problems because of the slopes but it also offered wonderful views. In order to take advantage of these views and to also work with the site, the architect came up with a design for the house that was long and thin and that also has fluctuating facades that allowed for differentiated views to be admired.

The residence features a multifunctional space which contains a large staircase, bookshelves, a casual reading space, a home cinema and a slide that the kids love. There’s also a kitchen and a dining area where everyone can spend time as a family. The attic features the most beautiful views. It’s a space that serves as a playroom for the younger kids.

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To accentuate the fluctuating façade and to also make it stand out, the architect designed mirrored bottom and top angles. The windows have different dimensions and they offer different versions of the landscape and the panoramic view. Many of the windows are placed low and they emphasize the connection that is established with the floor level.



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