Contemporary Ottmer House by Vincent Snyder Architects

Located on an ancestral family ranch in the Texas Heal Country, near Fredericksburg, USA, the Ottmer House was designed by Vincent Snyder Architects in 2011. It’s a 2200 sqf project designed for a young family with two children that enjoy the ranch life. When building a ranch, regardless of the architectural style you choose to adopt, the building process is a continuous activity that never ends. There’s always a smaller project that needs to be built or adjusted and there’s always something new to do in order to improve the place.

The owners of this residence decided they wanted to live in that area so they bought the land. They decided to use part of the existing structure so they reused the foundation slab and they used materials mostly found on the site like wood, natural stones, plus reflective sheet metal and stucco. Together with the designers and architects working at this project, they managed to create a contemporary residence with a simple but functional and inviting look.

The design of the house also tries to benefit as much as possible from the natural light and ventilation, so the house features large windows and glass doors. It was a big project that required a lot of work and time but in the end the owners got the perfect family home. Now everyone can enjoy the home as well as the surrounding landscape.

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