Contemporary one-storey white house in Japan

Found on Arhdaily this glowing residence is located in Kagawa, Japan. It sits in a rural area and it has an unusually eye-catching design.The house is white and this makes it very visible even from the distance. The residence was a project by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. It has a steel frame system and it’s very durable and strong. The site measures a total of 484.95 square meters and the building itself covers a total surface of 143.91 square meters. The house was built in 2011.The residence is unusual mostly because its luminous design.

It actually has a very simple structure. It’s a one-story home and it’s closed toward the outside by 3 vertical surfaces and a horizontal plane. It also has a semitransparent wall and a tunnel that serves as an entrance area. The glass wall allows natural light to get into the room during daytime. Moreover, the house turns into a luminous box in the darkness.The interior of the house includes two volumes. On the North side there’s a series of small rooms in a lane. They are closed areas and have ventilation openings. These rooms include spaces such as the utility room. On the South side the house features the main rooms as well as a large courtyard.

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The interior and the exterior as both white and this creates a uniform look and makes the boundaries more difficult to detect. The residence has a continuous and very simple look when seen from the outside and the simplicity is also visible inside. It’s a very bright home that had large windows and porcelain tiles on the floor.



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