Contemporary Long Narrow Residence Called MYZ “Nest” House in Japan

This extremely simple and curious-looking residence is called MYZ “Nest” House. It was designed by Japanese studio No.555 Architectural Design Office. The construction of the residence was completed in 2010. It’s a contemporary residence with a minimalist design that stands alone on one side of the road and makes passengers curious.

This intriguing 1,050 square foot single story residence is located in Nagano, Japan. It features a contemporary design with a playful texture. The architects didn’t try to make it perfect. In fact, all those irregularities on the external walls are made on purpose just to show everyone that not everything has to be perfect to make someone happy.

The house is located in a quiet area and it tends to blend into the surrounding even though that is difficult due to the eye-catching design and the white walls. It’s called the “Nest” because it’s a very cozy house, small but welcoming. It’s a single story residence and each room is a little lower than the previous ones.

The house has concrete walls that have been painted white. The architecture is minimalist and it doesn’t try to impress with anything. It’s such a plain and simple home and yet it seems so intriguing and curious. The surrounding landscape is also interesting and beautiful. There’s a certain harmony between this house and the surrounding nature.{found on homedsgn}

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