Contemporary Laurel Residence in Houston, Texas

It’s always interesting to see unconventional homes with lots of interesting features and attractive designs. It’s the curiosity that makes us explore and search for the most extravagant and impressive designs. But we reach a point when it’s no longer fun and when we wish we could find a simple, affordable design that accentuates functionality and that is not just for display. Such a home can be found in Houston Texas.

It’s called the Laurel Residence and it’s a very practical house. It was designed by StudioMET and it’s not meant to impress or make people turn their heads when they walk by. The Laurel Residence has been designed for comfortable and pleasant everyday living and it combines looks with efficiency. The accent falls on comfort and this is visible wherever you look. The design is rather simple and the exterior has been built using a series of low maintenance materials.

As for the interior, the whole place is organized around a large entertaining area that includes the kitchen, dining room and living room. A loft space is placed at the intersection between private and public spaces. The living room offers subtle transition to a large open patio where you can relax admiring the surroundings or have fun with friends. The residence also features large windows that allows natural light to go inside.

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