Contemporary L.A. house with a breezy design and subtle hues of color

Spotting a building which has a contemporary design is easy. The simple lines, the clean angles and the huge windows are all characteristics of such designs. But there’s more to it than that. Each house is unique and represents the style in a different way. This house we found in Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles has a very breezy and sleek look.

The residence was a project by Bittoni Design Studio. It covers a total area of 185.8 square meters. The main idea behind the project was creating something unique and emphasizing contemporary beauty in a genuine and simple way. Like most contemporary houses, this one also features a close connection with the outdoors. Both floors have huge windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The transition between spaces is smooth and seamless. The ambiance becomes very pleasant and it’s not all about connecting the house to the landscape. It’s also related to the overall atmosphere.

The interior design is simple and dreamy. White plays a crucial role in the overall décor but there are also subtle hues of color such as the those bold orange bar stools in the kitchen. The outdoor areas are also very beautiful, especially that big swimming pool and the large wooden deck surrounding it on three sides.

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