Contemporary Kiev Residence Promotes Harmony With Its Design

In 2014, Sergey Makhno architectural workshop completed a stylish two-storey residence in Kiev, Ukraine. It offers a total area of 235 square meters divided into two main zones.


The ground floor is a conglomerate of social spaces including the kitchen, dining room, living area and a large library. The same zone also includes a guest bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The first floor is a private zone containing three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a wardrobes.


Both the facades and the interior design feature strong contrasts but stay simple. This strategy ensures a harmonious relation between the residence and the nature and the views surrounding it. A decorative oak wall emphasizes this connection.


One the client’s requests was to make the windows as big as possible. The reason for that was to maximize the amount of natural light that gets into the rooms but also to make the connection between the indoor areas and the large outdoor spaces even more prominent.


A wooden staircase acts as a sculptural element in the social area. It’s placed between the seating area and the large library wall and the combination proves well staircases and bookshelves can work together. The partition creates a sense of privacy for this particular area but the space remains connected to the rest of the open floor plan. The dark tones and the selection of textures also contribute to this effect.

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The open kitchen and the dining area occupy the rest of the room. The kitchen cabinetry has a glossy white finish, strategically chosen in order to make the space look bright despite its lack of direct exposure to natural light.


The kitchen island and the ceiling-mounted range hood slowly transition the color palette towards the darker dominant shades. At the same time, the long curtains maintain a warm and balanced look throughout.


The dining space is comfortable and inviting. Three low-hanging pendant lamps with golden interior finishes complement the table which has a beautiful golden top. The chairs correlate better with the tiled flooring in terms of color.


The same main colors were also used in all the other rooms of the residence but not always in combination with the same accent colors. The bright yellow tones featured by the comfy Pumpkin fabric sofa here set a playful mood which is toned down by the artwork.


Other spaces use vibrant orange accents combined with shades of blue to stand out. All of these tones are always used in a neutral setting dominated with light vs dark contrasts.


The children’s playroom has a particularly sculptural look. But even here the color scheme is balanced, even though there are bursts of bright yellow and green throughout. The wooden flooring and the warm brownish-grey walls ensure that look.

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In the bedrooms, the ambiance is tranquil and cozy. The floor-to-ceiling windows open the suite to the exterior and the white, delicate curtains brighten up the room even when they obstruct the views.


The en-suite bathroom spaces are also opened to the outdoors through large windows. The mirrored wall emphasizes the spaciousness of the room while the combination of warm white, glossy grey and dark turquoise complement the space perfectly.




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