Contemporary house with artistic appeal and q dreamy design

Ever thought how your dream home would look like? How big would it be and would it have a pool? Where would it be located? Well, the answers to all those questions in our case can be found while admiring this amazing house. It has a contemporary design and it was built by Khosla Associates . Its clean and cozy interior makes it the perfect place to spend lazy afternoons in family.

Many of us dream about spending holidays in tropical locations but actually living in one of these places is definitely more amazing. This house is perfect from every point of view. It’s located in a beautiful area with stunning and panoramic views, it has an elegant and chic design and a cozy interior and it has an infinity pool.

The elegant exterior beautifully complements the artistic interior. The ground floor has large windows and glass walls with great views of the landscape and the living space is connected to a terrace. The space is very bright, with tons of light coming through the glass walls. The color palette is also wonderful, featuring warm tones and simple shades which balance each other out beautifully.

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