Contemporary House on Bainbridge Island

It is said there perfection does not exist, but there are people who look so good that we say they are perfect! Just like that, there are houses, which make us say the same thing: “It’s perfect!” Once you see the exterior of this house, you say it, as it is definitely an image of perfection. Designed by BC&J Architecture on Bainbridge Island in Washington State, the two story home is a contemporary expression of Northwest Regionalism. What makes this house so great? First, the outside has a great design and once you see it, you feel the need to see the inside.

The surrounding environment is the most appropriate for this residence, an important image of high quality, good taste and modernity. The use of glass provides a modern air, beside the perspective it offers both on the outside and on the inside. BC&J designed an impressive building, pleasant and inviting, simple and modern at the same time.

The interior follows the same pattern of good taste, simplicity, high quality, no matter we refer to the furniture pieces, the paintings on the walls with their astonishing tones, the perspectives provided by the wide glass windows, the flowers on the table or the decorative objects around the house.  Every little object contributes to create an elegant environment, a modern and welcoming space that makes you feel at ease and enjoy everything!

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