Contemporary house located in Miami Beach

This is the North Bay Residence, a contemporary house located in Miami Beach, Florida. The house was designed by Carlos Prio-Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzales from Touzet Studio. It was completed in December 2008. The residence covers a total surface of 12,309 square meters. It’s positioned on the North size of the property and it’s been designed as a long main bar from East to West. The residence has tree courtyards, each with its own shape and character.

The residence features a series of mature oak trees that are part of the first courtyard, facing the street. This is called the “Tree Court”. It includes a glass-clad bridge that leads to the children’s bedrooms. This area extends from the main bar to the guest quarters. It serves as a sort of shield for the entry to the second courtyard. This one is the “Rain Court”. It has trees on three sides and it’s connected to the living room. The third court is the “Water Court”. This one faces the Bay and it contains the pool and the spa.

The residence is indeed very beautiful itself. The property has both indoor and outdoor areas and there’s a very nice balance between these two. The interior is mostly minimalist and neutral. There’s a lot of white involved in the décor. It’s a great place to relax and to enjoy the sunny days. Moreover, the residence also offers very beautiful views of the Bay and the surrounding landscape. The inhabitants are free to relax inside, taking advantage of the shade, spend some time on the terrace or even swim in the pool. It’s a dream home for most of us.{found on arhdaily and pics by Alexia Fodere of Omega Eye }.

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