Contemporary house in Portugal by Bruno Armando Gomes Marques

This house is located in Oliveira de Azeméis, in São Roque, Municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal. It sits on a site situated between two roads, not the most suitable location for a private home. Its location means there’s much more noise than usually and this can affect the users. Also, the exposure is higher than usual.

The house was designed by Bruno Armando Gomes Marques and it was completed in 2011. It has a simple, contemporary design and it’s divided into two volumes. It covers a total area of 600 square meters. The two volumes have two distinct functions. On the ground level were places the social areas such as the entrance hall, living and dining rooms, the kitchen, the service bathroom and an office. On the upper level are situated the private areas of the house, in this case the bedrooms.

There’s also a third level that includes the laundry room, the storage room and the garage. It’s on the south side. The social volume is mostly neutral and features tones of grey and green. The private volume is a little more dynamic in terms of shape. The walls are white and the décor is simple. The third volume, the one that includes the garage and the porch is partially beneath the house and it was possible for it to be created thanks to the shape of the site.{found on archdaily}.

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