Contemporary house in Madrid featuring a minimalist and precise design

Located on the west boundaries of Madrid, Pitch’s House is an exquisite representation of contemporary architecture. Designed and built by Spanish architect Iñaqui Carnicero, the house impresses with its overall design, shape and structure. Built on a south-oriented plot on a sloped site, the residence benefits from wonderful views that can be admired from inside the house thanks to the large windows as well as from the stylish outdoor spaces and, of course, the pool.

The architect tried to make the house integrate into the landscape and he managed to do that by using a simple design and by also including two large granite rocks covered by moss into the design. The house has two levels. They both offer wonderful views. As for the internal structure, the Pitch’s House includes a spacious living room, inviting bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. In addition, two porches and a large swimming pool complete the design.

The large windows are meant to let in natural light but also to showcase the views and to allow them to become a part of the interior décor as well. The concrete structure has a minimalist and modern design. The interior is decorated on a neutral tone but the cold color palette doesn’t make it uninviting. It’s a wonderful example of modern architecture and design based on simple lines and harmony between the interior and exterior spaces.

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