Contemporary House In England Built Around An Enclosed Courtyard

Built in England by Gregory Philips Architects, this house is unlike any country home in the area. Here, on the banks of the Thames River in Berkshire, the house captures the essence of the surrounding village in a modern and minimalist design.

The team of architects responsible for the project is known for their holistic approach and, as you’ll see, every little detail was considered when designing the house, including the landscape and garden, a professional approach that brought them many great awards over the years.

Sliding glass doors connect the interior living spaces on the ground floor to the outdoors, creating a seamless transition between the two. Features such as the sleek furniture and the hidden TV maintain these areas simple and casual.

The house was designed around a central courtyard. A series of generously-sized spaces surround the inner courtyard and are linked by galleried corridors. Another interesting detail about the courtyard is the flint work, a feature that reinterprets the designs in the surrounding village and the one on the medieval church visible from the property. This allows the house to integrate into the community.

The layout evolved from a simple structure inspired by traditional country houses with adjoining stable yards. The overall contemporary design incorporates all these elements seamlessly.

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As you pass the graveled driveway you reach the enclosed courtyard and a beautiful koi pond adjacent to the entrance area. Glass walls make up the facade of the building, revealing the interior spaces and reducing the level of privacy while letting the views in.

The kitchen and the dining space share the same volume as well as a simple design with a color palette based on earthy tones.The minimalism is reflected into the continuous design. Built-in appliances are cleverly hidden inside the custom furniture and the modern hood over the kitchen island establishes a connection with the stainless steel backsplash.

A wooden staircase with glass railings leads to the upper level where long corridors cross over the courtyard and link the different spaces. Here you’ll also find a large terrace with panoramic and unobstructed views of the surroundings.

The modern deck is a cantilevered volume above the ground floor living space and it has exquisite views over the whole surrounding landscape. The wooden floor brings it closer to nature and gives it a welcoming feel.

The bedrooms share a casual design although the actual ambiance, color palette and décor differ for each of them.The master bedroom is not particularly spacious but has a serene, simple and tranquil design with wonderful views. The en-suite bathroom lets its marbled surfaces become a part of the overall decor.

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The spaces designed for children feature a playful design approach with strong color contrasts and a variety of shapes and patterns. Still, minimalism prevails here as well.



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