Contemporary house designed around two 50 year old mango trees

The main objective of the architects from Twenty-Nine Design, the persons who designed this house located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was to create a unique project on a piece of land without cutting a single tree from the plot. So, the property lies on an area delimited by a lot of vegetation especially two majestic 50 years old mango trees which are the point of attraction from the entire yard. Here, the owners can spend time near the swimming pool or enjoy the views of the beautiful landscaped garden in privacy.

A dark wooden terrace makes the connection between that elegant pool that reflects the tree’s thick branches, and the house’s interior. Because it is surrounded by large windows and big sliding glass doors, the inhabitants can enjoy the view from inside the house, too. Here, the wooden floors, doors and a few pieces of furniture are a warm contrast with the rest of the finishes and decorations that are painted in black and white tones.

The kitchen is the place where the family can prepare their food using those quality stainless steel appliances. Also when they have a party on the terrace near the pool, they can participate while they are preparing some fresh drinks or snacks inside, because there is a big sliding glass door which can be drawn, resulting a big open space. Upstairs, after we go up and we admire the views, we will find a spacious unfurnished bedroom facing the mango tree and also a large bathroom with plenty of natural light in it.{found on contemporist}.

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