Contemporary House by Feldman Architecture

Obviously this is my dream house! House Ocho designed by Feldman Architecture located on a nature preserve in the beautiful Santa Lucia Mountains. It is the perfect location for relaxation and night parties with friends.The Ocho house stunning site consists of oak forest and steep meadows, which strongly constrained and inspired our unconventional design. The designer divided the spaces into a series of “pavilions” to break up the house’s overall mass.

Contemporary House by Feldman Architecture

Enjoy the interior pictures, an awesome design with modern minimalist furnishing, which makes the space look larger.  The hill slope is beautifully contoured by the rock steps that lead to the house, surrounded by natural rocks from time to time. When the weather is fine you can enjoy the view outside, sitting on the outdoor benches or even around the stone fireplace built directly in the house wall.

There’s even an outdoor jacuzzi that helps you relax after a hard day at work. And, since this house is a luxurious one, you should expect to find many technological devices and all the comfort you could dream of. And you do. Everything about this house is simple and natural, the great design succeeding to be both minimalistic and comfortable, beautiful and practical. In short: great ideas put into practice in a great way.

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