Contemporary House Architecture To Get Surroundings of Nature

Living close to the nature is best way to gat relaxation and peace. This house is located on woody site at meco beach near to sesimbra in Lisbon, aims to create good relationship with its beautiful landscape and surrounding natural space. The architect Jorge Mealha designed this house to live happily with the surroundings of the nature. The interior of this house is designed with best materials and accessories to give it elegant and stylish look. The staircases, main circulation and bridge between upper rooms are painted white metal and glass. The windows of this house are opened in apparent way to capture the interesting views of the landscape. You will get total comfort and peace here in this house. The basic objective of this design is to maintain relationship between human being and the nature.  The interior décor of this house is very elegant and well furnished. You will get best experience to live in this house.  The architecture of this house is very attractive one.


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