Contemporary home overlooking the sea in Ibiza

The summer is almost entirely gone. There are few traces of this happy and cheerful season that still remind us of the beautiful moments we’ve spent during our vacations. But when you have a beautiful house such as this one, with views of the sea and amazing outdoor areas, it feels like summer every day.This beautiful house is located in Ibiza, Spain. It’s a contemporary building with a minimalist exterior design. The house offers views of the Mediterranean Sea that can be admired either from inside the stylish rooms it incorporates or from the patio or the amazing infinity pool. It’s a very simple and charming place.

The house was designed by Malales Martínez Canut who is the owner of Malmaca Studio, a company that specializes in interior design, architecture and furniture design. Given the professional background, designing and decorating a personal home was challenging but also easy.

The color palette chosen for this house is particularly beautiful. It’s very refreshing and includes very bright shades. The main color is white and the accent color is turquoise. This creates a very refreshing balance. The turquoise also mimics the color of the sea that is visible from the site in all its beauty. The white could be associated with the shy clouds that patrol the area. It’s a beautiful combination regardless the correlations.{found on houseofturquoise}

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