Contemporary Home In Madrid by A-Cero Architects

This property is located on the outskirts of Madrid and is designed for a large family. With large living rooms, numerous bedrooms, several  restrooms, a padel  track and even a lake within its compound you have a feeling of what am talking about. The staircase that leads to the imposing walls have a well manicured grass you’d be mistaken to rest there thinking it was the lawn. The landscaping is elegantly done and a well trimmed climbing plant is allowed to spread amiably to the walls.

Perhaps what you won’t fail to notice about this A-Cero design is the particularly creative use of rectangles and triangles. A glance from the patio to the main foyer reveals walls protruding like some pyramids in a triangular design. Then a huge rectangular glass stand on one wall of a gallery room reflecting some flowery plants outside it’s difficult to make out which is the reflection and which is not.

The use this tri-rectangular design is also prevalent with the futuristic design of the dining table; it protrudes from one corner and folds in acute angle forming the table top before culminating into a dead-end, all without the use of legs.

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The kitchen is fitted with stainless steel fittings and aluminums shining all the way to the ceiling above. The only other shade here is the white table and some rectangular topped chairs that look as if they bare curved rather than placed there.



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