Contemporary home in Austin by James D LaRue Architecture

This is an atypical country house located in Austin, Texas. It was a project developed by James D LaRue Architecture and has a very appealing design. The project is called “House on the Hill” and its name reflects the beauty of the surroundings.

The house has a contemporary design and it’s a combination of rustic and moderns. The location is typically rural and yet the design is rather urban. The façade is asymmetrical and has a mixed style. The overall design is definitely contemporary but there are also rustic elements integrated in the project. The entrance is very inviting. Also the whole house is fresh and cozy at the same time. It has a nice appeal and it integrates beautifully into the surroundings. Inside, it features an open floor plan. The rooms are spacious and the décor is very pleasant.

All the rooms have wonderful country views. The house is nestled along a steep hillside and this makes the house feel cozy and private. The windows are large throughout the house and capture and hill country views. The interior décor is simple and casual yet elegant. The colors are beautifully chosen and combined and there’s a neutral color palette complemented by bold and eye-catching details and decorations. The property also has a lovely outdoor sitting and dining area and it’s surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

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