Contemporary Godoy House in Mexico

This beautiful house is located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. It was a project developed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos back in 2007. The project working at this project was composed of Arq. Jorge Luis Hernandez Silva, Arq. Francisco Guiterrez P., Arq. Diana Quiroz Chavez and Arq. Belen Aldapa Orozco. The house is situated in a private neighborhood outside the city.

This house is actually composed of two bodies, one of them being transparent and light and considerably larger and higher than the other. This type of structure is very practical because it allows you to divide the living areas in two different halfs. This way the private and the public areas of the house would be cleverly placed apart and everyone can enjoy their privacy.

The house also has a second floor where the master bedroom is located. It had beautiful views towards the garden and it’s a very calm and relaxing area. The entrance platform of the house needed to be elevated because the house also has a semi-basement.

Most of the structure of the house is made of steel, so this is an almost floating house. There’s a long and folding window system in the background that also manages to integrate the garden into the interior.

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The house also includes the kitchen and a studio along with the social and private spaces of the house. The roofs are mostly flat on the front but they’re slightly declined on the back and covered with coated yellow ceramic. The floors are a combination of marble and wood and they look really beautiful in combination with the dark carpentry. Overall, this is a stylish house with a beautiful interior design and a simple but striking exterior architecture.{found on archdaily}



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