Contemporary France Residence by Barnes Coy Architects

Located at St. Barthelemy in France, the project St Burns Residence Barnes Coy Architects was the creation of project architect Charles Sferrazza, interior decorator Lynne Grossman, and builder Xavier David EURL. The project was launched in 2007 covering an interior area of 3000 square feet and terraces of 3500 square feet.

Situated on a high and thin peninsula the house offers 270 degree views from south through the west to north. Perpendicular long axis of the house is parallel with axis of the peninsula and this aligns them with the sunrise and sunset. Main space is open from the north to the south and bedrooms are behind the wall angling away towards south east. Its unique effect is creating a lens like feature opening up to the view across the bay and other islands beyond it.

Another unique feature of the house is the floor-to-ceiling glass panels that part at the corner and slide into the exterior walls. It opens up the house completely and allows the Pennsylvania Limestone wall extending without any interruption.

Beautiful design and gorgeous looks make it a real paradise.



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