Contemporary Farmhouse Addition in Chester County

All these too hot days of summer can make you think of those who live in a house at the country side, have a cooling house and an easier access outside. Still many of us will miss the modern comfort, the modern amenities that sometimes make you think twice before you choose a rustic living. The ideal thing is to bring all these items together so that you can get the perfect living house for all seasons.

In Elverson, Pennsylvania, USA, there is a 18th century stone farmhouse which was renovated by Wyant Architecture. The firm brought a contemporary two level addition too that houses the family room and the master suite. The renovation intended to create new home offices and bedrooms for children too.

The new construction created a new entry on the south side of the house which replaced the one on the north side, a large private terrace where the family could relax and warm and fresh interiors. It was used stone from the adjacent fields and glass became an important material. It represented a connector between all sorts of spaces and surfaces, facilitated access of natural light inside and could offer wonderful views of the surrounding areas.

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The stone walls were kept for interiors too, wood flooring and many other wood items dominated the whole areas. Fresh and joyful colors were used like blue on one of the hallway walls or fresh green nuances for the bathroom. Thus the renovation and the contemporary addition brought more light and comfort to the rustic stone farmhouse where the family could feel nice ad enjoy the charm of a country side area.



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