Contemporary family residence is Vaucluse, Australia

This imposing structure is a family residence designed by MCK Architects. It’s located in Vaucluse, NSW, Australia and it was completed in 2011. The residence itself is very impressive and so is the surrounding landscape. The location is indeed very beautiful. At first, this project started as a renovation and expansion of a modest bungalow located on the site.

The clients needed more space for their family and they wanted to add more rooms and to create a closer connection to the garden. The architects inspected the bungalow and the surrounding area and initially decided to preserve as much as possible from the house and to simply add more rooms. However, as the project progressed, the team needed to remove the rear rooms in order to create a larger living area and to also remove the roof in order to create another floor. As you can see now, there’s not much left from the old house.

The house was majorly transformed. The exterior area also went through some changes. For example, there was a garden on the site with two large eucalypts and a large rock on the rear of the house. These are the elements that became the focal points in the new design. In order to create the connection with nature that the clients requested, the architects included large windows in the design.

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There are also opening to the garden and the pond. At the end, this was a project that came out differently than planned. However, the transformation was exactly what it needed to reach the next level. The house won’t probably need alteration for many years to come.{found on archdaily}.



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