Contemporary Family Residence in Power Street Hawthorn,Victoria

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia, this beautiful residence has recently been renovated and, at the same time, was expanded. The project included the addition of a new pavilion and it was developed by Steve Domoney. Completed in 2011, the project resulted in a very beautiful look. The residence had previously been renovated and got rear additions as well. At that time, it got a series of new spaces for the living, dining and kitchen areas.

However, the overall internal structure was not the best choice so the owners decided to make some changes. They wanted to completely rethink and reorganize the interior so that the residence would have a continuous flow and a coherent structure. The architects were also asked to create a pavilion-like structure. The goal was to create a connection to the garden but to not blend in with the rest of the house. The idea was to allow these two structures, the house and the pavilion, to show their age and their own period in history.

The architects also had to find a way to modernize the existing structure while integrating the pavilion and a new raised swimming pool and garden into the design. The pavilion features an open design and was built using glass and bluestone. It has timber flooring and bluestone tile terracing and it’s somewhere at the limit between indoor and outdoor. It’s both open and private and establishes a connection with the garden. The master suite has direct access to the pool via an automated glazed door and this creates a resort-like feel.

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