Contemporary family house in Singapore by AR43 Architecture

This imposing residence is located in Oei Tiong Ham Park, Singapore. It was a project by AR43. The design for the house started in 2009. The completion date was May 2011. It’s an acceptable amount of time, considering the size of the building. The house is situated on a market housing estate, on a 1200 square meter linear site that originally part of a larger plot before it was sub-divided.

Since the site allowed it, the house was a built in a way that hides it from the main road. A short access road shared with the immediate neighbor provides access to the house instead. The residence was built for a family of 5. The client only had two requests. He requested a full lap pool and he also wanted to keep everything within the budget rather than adding extra features. The property features a main volume that includes the service areas such as the foyer, the dining room, the kitchens as well as some more private space such as the master bedroom, the children’s bedrooms and a sitting room located on the upper level.

The living room is very spacious and together with the master bedroom’s study above it forms a separate block. There’s a third volume designed for private areas such as the entertainment room and the study along with other children’s bedrooms on the upper level. The house also includes beautiful outdoor areas including a porch, a semi-outdoor entrance porch and, of course, the yard. Overall, the house has a linear design. It’s simple but sophisticated at the same time and it features a practical and functional internal structure. The lap pool that the client requested is also a beautiful addition.{found on architezer}.

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