Contemporary family house in Sassuolo by Enrico Iascone Architetti

Located in Sassuolo, Italy, this residence occupies an area of 1,600 square meters. It has a contemporary design. It was a project by Enrico Iascone Architetti and it was completed in 2011. The area in which it is situated is surrounded by detached houses with small gardens. The plot on which this particular house is now located was also occupied by a detached house that has been demolished to make room for this one.

This contemporary family house was built using prefabricated wooden elements. It has a concrete underground level and it is well-insulated from all the humidity. The house also obtained the class A energy certification. By using prefabricated elements, the house was built much easier and faster. Structurally, it is a compact, monolithic volume. The exterior is minimalistic and gray and this allows it to integrate rather easily into the surroundings without standing out too much.

The residence has large windows that provide views of the surrounding area but it does not feature glass walls. It was an element avoided in order to offer more privacy. The interior, however, is very bright and always filled with natural light. The shape and orientation of the house were dictated by the landscape and the need for light. The residence has a contemporary interior décor with a neutral color palette that includes earthy tones.{found on archdaily and pics by Daniele Domenicali}.

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