Contemporary family box house in New Zeeland

This compact structure is a family residence located in Wellington, New Zeeland. It was designed by Dan Heyworth and it has a modern and simple design. The house was designed for a young couple. Given their current status, the house needed to have an open design that would allow the creation of extensions when the family will grow. The current structure has a compact shape and a modest but beautiful look.

The residence includes a total of 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. The kitchen, living and dining room are part of a large open area and they are separated by a split level. The rooms are relatively small. To make them seem airy and spacious, the interior décor is minimalist and modern. The furniture pieces are all simple and they have elegant designs. The colors used for the décor are a combination of neutral tones such as white, black and brown mixed with dynamic shades of yellow and red. The result is a balanced design with colorful inserts.

The residence also has a garage. It’s situated under the living floor and it has a very lightweight look. The wrapped structure seems to be a delicate volume with the residence just floating above it. Designing the house was quite easy. The site was flat so there weren’t any challenges on that level. The site is also surrounded by trees so the owners of this beautiful house can have all the privacy they need. The residence features tall windows and a glass wall section that allow beautiful and serene views.

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