Contemporary East Hampton residence by Blaze Makoid Architecture

This impressive 4000 square feet mansion is located in East Hampton, NY, USA and it was designed in 2007 by Blaze Makoid Architecture. The project team was composed of Blaze Makoid, Jason Poremba, Scott Hoffman, John Larmor and Luke Ferran and their goal was to design a contemporary residence that would allow the users to have easy access to the outdoor areas and that would also have a well-defined structure.

The interior of the house is very well planned and, as a result, the public and private spaces and totally separated by the entry foyer. This way the users can enjoy their time without bothering or being bothered by the others, that might have a different idea of how to sped their time. The public areas are to the left, while the private sector with the two bedrooms is located on the right. There’s also an open floor plan that contains the living room, dining room and the kitchen.

The living and entertaining areas feature big glass walls that allow the users to enjoy and admire the landscape and also to benefit from the natural light during the day. The indoor-outdoor separation is very practical and functional and the users can freely enjoy all sorts of activities during the day, like swimming, lounging, sleeping and enjoying the sun and maybe having breakfast outside, alone with the rest of family or friends. It’s a house of many possibilities, with a very beautiful design and incredible functionality.

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