Contemporary Dunaujvaros Residence in Hungary by ZSK Architects

This minimalist, contemporary residence is located in Dunaujvaros, a small town in the center of Hungary that used to be the core of the Hungarian steel industry. The industrial past is still very prominent in the area and the town still prospers due to those traditions. This residence is located in the suburbs and doesn’t really stand out with anything.The house was a project by ZSK Architects. It covers an area of 180.0 square meters and it was built in 2010. The site on which it is located used to be an agricultural area populated by farmhouses.

However, that has changed and the farmhouses turned into contemporary residences such as this one. The design of this house is a combination of elements. The goal was to create a connection between the agricultural past and the industrial traditions of the town and to reflect them in a modern way.

The house features brick masonry which is an element found in both factory buildings and rustic barns. It has an overall modern design and a sustainable construction. It was built with green roofs, thick masonry and a ventilation gap. It also features sliding panels that offer protection against the sun and hot water circulation system and invisible vacuum tube sun collectors on the rooftop that make it a sustainable structure. Inside, the residence is austere and simple.{found on archdaily and pics by Tamas}.

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