Contemporary dream house with swimming pool

The Split House is an imposing residence with a contemporary design. It was a project by Superkül Architect and it even won a 2012 Design Excellence award by the Ontario Association of Architects. The house is located in Toronto, Canada and it was designed as a space for entertainment, a place where the owner could spend time with is many friends and with his family. The plan was to create a house that would feel grand and imposing but without being opulent.

The result was the Split House, a beautiful residence with a simple design but that still feels impressive with its size and interior design. It was designed in a way that allows natural light to get inside through the center. The image is spectacular and yet the atmosphere is intimate. Moreover, the house has a flexible structure and design that also allows it to be casual and suitable for day to day living. It’s a place where the owner can live a peaceful life but where he can also entertain his guests.

The interior features rich brown wood floors and high ceilings in the main area. The wooden floors and partially paneled walls are also a means of creating a connection with the outdoors and especially with the deck. The transition is seamless and smooth and design is continuous and inviting in both areas. The ground floor features a series of social areas combined with smaller and more intimate spaces that make this level flexible and versatile. In the back there’s also a large pool.

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