Contemporary countryside house with two pools and a luxurious interior

Located on a slope close to the hills of the Czech Republic, this countryside house is surrounded by green vegetation on all sides. The beautiful landscape is overwhelming and this becomes noticeable especially because the house wasn’t designed to blend in and to become part of the landscape. The house stands out with its white facade but this doesn’t make it any less charming.

The contemporary countryside house was designed by Orak architecture and the team managed to offer it the charm old and rustic houses usually have by burying it in the green environment. The house has three levels. A large gate situated on the ground floor directs the visitors towards the entrance. The interior is luxurious and modern. Besides the usual facilities, inside you can also find a spa and a snooker table designed to relax you and to get you in the mood for admiring the magnificent beauty surrounding you.

The interior is beautiful but, in the case of this house, it’s the exterior that presents most interest. The main attraction for the outdoors would have to be the pool. It has a minimalist design and plenty of space on either side for entertainment and outdoor relaxation. There’s also a pool inside the house and that one is coupled with a bath as well. As you can see, entertainment played an important role in deciding the layout, the design and the style chosen for the house.

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