Contemporary country house in Val Tidone, Italy

This beautiful house is located in the foothills of the Val Tidone, in the Piacentine countryside, Italy. It was built in 2005 and it was conceived as a contemporary version of the traditional country house by Park Associati. It has a modern design and it’s also a sustainable structure. First of all, the orientation of the house was not a random choice. It allows winter sun to penetrate the house while also minimalizing the exposure during the summer months.

The materials for this project were specifically chosen for their high level of insulation. The house is organized around a central courtyard. This space is part of the ground floor living area and it also allows beautiful views from the bedrooms located on the first floor. The ground floor is a continuous area with easy access from one room to another. It’s also connected to the outdoor areas as well. The living room features an extension that serves as a deck and a great area for spending time outdoors during the warmer months.

On the ground floor you can find the cloakroom, a storage area and two large rooms connected by sliding doors. The kitchen and the dining area form a single space and they share it with the living room as well. On the first floor there are four cozy bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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They have wooden floors and exposed beams in the ceiling. Each bedroom has its own theme and range of colors. In fact, there’s no continuous décor throughout the house. The common areas share the same design but the private rooms are individual areas, each with their own atmosphere and look.



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