Contemporary concrete house in Ovar, Portugal by Paula Santos

This is a residence that was built in Ovar Municipality, Portugal. It sits on sandy soil which doesn’t make it a very stable environment. Because of that, the house needed to be carefully designed paying special attention to this detail. It was a project by Ovar Municipality, Portugal and it was completed in 2008. The project area is 680 square meters.

The house features variable heights that allow it to be stable. Also, it is composed of different structures, all with geometrical forms. They each have a different shape and size, according to their importance and functionality. The entrance and the painter’s studio are the most visibly impressive elements, along with the large pool. Their elevated forms make them stand out, even though they donlt have particularly eye-catching designs. The color palette is the same throughout all volumes and the exterior is entirely grey.

This is a concrete house. The architect chose this material because it’s easy to model and manipulate. It’s also a material with a nice texture. The interior of the house is functionally organized. A long corridor separates the areas and divides the house into separate zones. The private and the public spaces are visibly separated and each volume has a different function. The swimming pool is a space that can go either way. It can either be an open space or it can be turned into a covered area by lowering the wall.{pics by Nelson Garrido}

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