Contemporary Chalet In Canada With Views Of A Lake And Forest

Chalets are traditional to the Swiss Alps but there are plenty of them all over the world. We found this one in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, in Canada. It’s called Blanche Chalet and was designed by ACDF, an architecture and interior design studio that deals with both new constructions and restorations of old structures, treating each project as a harmonious blend between aesthetics, functionality, cost and environmental awareness.

Blanche Chalet white facade and design

Like all typical chalets, it has an overhang which defines its design. But that’s not all that makes this contemporary house special. It was built on top of a concrete base which supports the main entrance, technical rooms and all the interior spaces on the two floors.

Blanche Chalet white facade

The main living spaces were placed on the top level. This allows them to offer the most beautiful and impressive views of the surrounding landscape. The living room occupies the overhang as has full-height glass windows on three sides.

Blanche Chalet driveway and house

The cantilever resembles a box and it was meant to stand out from the rest of the house. This is why it’s the only portion of the residence that has a black exterior while the rest of the building is white.

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Blanche Chalet living room overhang

Blanche Chalet wood-burning stove

The residence as a whole is designed to be multifunctional. It’s both family-friendly and suited for entertainment. The private and the common functions are juxtaposed and this results in a flexible layout.

Blanche Chalet facade and cantilever

The inhabitants have a constant connection with nature and the surroundings thanks to the large windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The interior spaces welcomes the views inside and make them a part of their décor.

Blanche Chalet corner view

Blanche Chalet large window opens up

The lake and the forest can be admired from all social areas. The dining room is intentionally left very simple in order to emphasize the views. A sleek table for ten, a bunch of chic chairs and a classy chandelier are all the space needs.

Blanche Chalet dining room

The living room overhang feels very cozy despite being so exposed and open. This atmosphere is created by the wooden floor, the matching ceiling and the textured area rug placed between the two three-seater sofas.

Blanche Chalet living room

There are no ceiling lights in this section of the house. Illumination is provided by floor lamps and this creates a very pleasant and intimate ambiance. Moreover, a wood-burning stove warms up the whole décor even more.

Blanche Chalet living area

In addition to the views and the warm palette of colors that complement the minimalist interior design, this contemporary chalet is also special through the array of materials used in its construction. They include stone, wood and steel as well as a lot of glass.

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