Contemporary Casa Del Cabo by Andrés Remy Arquitectos

This beautiful and quiet house is located in a closed community on the north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The residence is surrounded by a lake on two of its sides and this provides the owners with very beautiful views all over the year and was designed by Andrés Remy Arquitectos . The owners of this place are an elder couple and no longer lives with the children and that needed a cozy space just for them. So they’ve decided to move here, where they can enjoy the privacy and beautiful landscape that the location has to offer.

The house is compact and functionally designed to offer the best views. On the east side the house features a semi-covered space in the place where the house meets the lake. This space serves as a garage and outdoor living area. It’s also where the back garden meets the front garden creating a very beautiful and relaxing environment. The part of the house facing south is more compact and intimate and offers more privacy. This is where the private rooms of the house are located, as well as the kitchen.

On the edge of the lot there’s also a pool, strategically placed in that area where it can benefit from the sun during the day. The pools also offers some of the best views that can be admired. The pool beautifully integrates into the surrounding landscape, offering a relaxing area and a fun place to spend time in.

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