Contemporary building villa with a classic interior touch

Down in Texas Brian Dillard Architecture designed a place for a client with southern French roots, so he architect wanted to reveal a part of the owner’s heritage in a contemporary design. His appreciation for the contemporary architecture led to a wonderful villa with classic design, bright colors and wonderful outdoor living. The entire household is organized around a central pool and garden.

The main house and the pool house feature large multi slide doors to create a large, open mix space by the pool during nice weather periods. The French influence can be seen in the red stucco volumes, tiled pool and fountain as well as in the garden. I like this structure particularly for its strong design elements. I like how bright colors and the general form of the house is softened by the use of classic, warm materials like white oak, terrazzo floors. The beautiful furniture chosen for this place along with the lighting fixtures reinforce the owner’s status and roots.

The kitchen is also designed in a bold style, with red cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. The staircase that provides access to the upper levels is modern by definition; metal railways and glass, white iron base and warm wooden steps. I would personally prefer more privacy in the bathroom and a little more imagination in its decoration, but otherwise its perfect, especially when it suites perfectly  the owner’s taste.{found on contemporist}.

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