Contemporary building in the heart of Vancouver, Canada

Completed in 2004 by design studio Foster and Partners, Jameson House is a brand new 35-storey mixed-use tower in central Vancouver, Canada and includes the first residential development to be completed by the practice in North America. The beautiful building has the latest equipment both in technical and architectural design areas, so we can remark an innovative mechanized valet parking system, which reduces the number of parking levels.The lower level, of the building has several offices and shops, while the upper, private level is composed of exclusive apartments, where the owners can enjoy seeing the beautiful horizon from the big windows.

The gray walls and light marble floors emphasize the elegant décor where the furniture is black and white, excepting the big piece of wood that supports the television, some shelves  with decorative objects and a hidden bottom drawer.As we have already used, there is an open space, the kitchen  is in the same space with the dining room and the living room, because it’s a shame to cover that kind of landscape with walls and unnecessary curtains.

And if you ever feel romantic and nostalgic, there is a piano at your disposal. With your private elevator, you can go down at the building’s entrance, where you will be amazed by the beautiful walls and floors, emphasized by all that light. Outside, the building is highlighted even more by the contrast between the heritage  buildings around  and the new construction.

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