Contemporary beach house infused with local charm on the Australian east coast

Beach houses are usually designed to be enjoyed only part of the year but some are so charming and beautiful one wouldn’t mind living there all year long. It’s the case of this beautiful house in New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia.

The Mas Masters beach house was a project by Villa & Villa Architects. It has a rather eccentric design, featuring a combination of old and new elements and preserving some of the local character while also simplifying the overall look with minimalistic lines and details. There’s a very nice connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The main living area which is an open floor plan features an open deck and large sliding doors which open to allow the outdoors in.

The views are very beautiful so, in order to enjoy them from both the interior and exterior spaces, the architects designed the house with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a number of decks and terraces. As for the interior design, it doesn’t particularly scream beach house. It’s very comforting and welcoming and really makes you feel at home here.


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