Contemporary Bauhaus Residence in Israel

This spacious and luxurious private residence is located in Haifa, Israel. It was a project by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The house sits on a 1.000 square meter plot and the actual residence occupies a total area of 450 square meters. The planning and the construction started in 2008 and ended in 2010. This contemporary residence sits in the center a historic avenue and at the very heart of Haifa’s French Carmel neighborhood.

The house is filled with natural light and it has a bright and spacious interior with a free plan. Everything is centered around a large and open space while the other areas are being spread around it.The central space allows interaction as it is connected to all the levels. That central space is the living room and it overlooks the courtyard and the pool.

The residence could be characterized by its minimalist architecture, spacious interior and luxurious décor. It has a simple and clean design in tones of white and gray. Bright touches of colors can be seen here and there and they have been strategically placed in key areas for a more dynamic effect. The residence has large windows and a lot of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that provide natural light and also allow the connection with the outdoor spaces. Also, the large pool is very appealing.{found on yatzer}

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